inventing the extraordinary utopian archive - vintage fashioned
  utopian drafts and realization - retrofuturistic coloured
  two awards for the most creative and most remarkable musical achievement with a multimedial performance, tainan, taiwan
  cultural award for the best cgi film screenplay, bremen, germany
  symbolon project with ernst fuchs, vienna, austria
  lecturer at the college of music, asti, bandung, indonesia
  indonesian gamelan play in java and bali
  music theory studies with erwin koch-raphael, film music with jens peter ostendorf, cultural theory and history with prof. wolfgang emmerich and media science with prof. irmbert schenk, bremen, germany
  experimental electronic sound design and collages, some places and countries
  basses and guitars play as a member of several progresive rock bands
  classical guitar and piano lessons
some remarkable steps into the future by using the past