music, noises, sounds, collages - and a distinctive variety of different styles
  la valse des deux pays
pour piano seule
arnd dolge - piano

i vow - a children's game
the two awards winning multimedial progressive rock theatre

  the transformation
music theatre for children
  sie(h) - he(a)r
(what her eyes were whispering to me)
minimal music for choir and ensemble
  verecunde respicio
for electronics and layman
  human(<>)being an animal
an experimental sound study for the parents' agents project
  no 44
progressive rock
  no 1 - no thing
taoist philosophy in an experimental collage
soundtrack for a stop motion film
  all over - fixed forms
multimedial 'musique concrète'
video by hildegard esch kobs
  synthetic park
soundtrack for an advertising film of a cgi studio
  space park bremen
soundtrack for an advertising film
  focus 2000
soundtrack for a futuristic competition
  alien world
soundtrack for a science fiction movie
  nameless - formless
experimental musical radio play
  the company of wolves
three soundtrack pieces for orchestra
  university of education
soundtrack for an advertising film
  geometric seiphony
for six organ pipes in the serial music style
  vogue I
for classic guitar solo
for flute and classic guitar
for flute, classic guitar and bassoon